Stainless motorcycle kits

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Stainless motorcycle kits

we have hundreds more motorcycle kits, many are not listed here - email us at for information! Polished and unpolished stainless fastener kits for your vintage motorcycle!  



  • polished

    HAND POLISHED STAINLESS FASTENERS! Everything is stainless! Not just a bag of bolts, everything is sorted and numbered, comes with convenient instructions! basketcase resto or just spruce up your bike, saves a TON of time on resto work, and there's nothing like wrenching on BRAND NEW FASTENERS. Eliminate the use of impact drivers, chisels, visegrips to remove corroded fasteners. in all kits: the allen heads are not knurled. the hex heads and the socket allen heads are hand polished and casting marks are ground off of the hex head bolts.. if a kit contains panhead or other phillips fasteners, those are also polished.

  • unpolished